Passenger Assistance

  • Service is curb-to-curb unless door-to-door is requested. 

  • Door-to-door service means that the driver will escort the passenger to and from the main entrance doors of the building. 

  • Walkways, pathways and ramps must be clean and clear of hazards, ice and snow. 

  • Drivers are prohibited from entering passengers' homes.

Bismarck Rides

  • All Bismarck riders must be able to be left alone, provide for their own personal needs, know where to go once the driver drops them off, and be able to communicate clearly.

  • Bismarck passengers are encouraged to bring a lunch/snack with them as food is not provided and the trips can be a long day.

  • If a person needs assistance with any of these items, an attendant will be required.


  • Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in our vehicles and our transit facility. 

  • Pets are only allowed if in a secure carrier.


  • Children under 7 who weigh less than 80lbs and are are shorter than 4'9" must be in appropriate car seats to ride in our vehicles. (We do not provide car seats.)

  • Infants, Toddlers, and children who require a caregiver ride free.

Bulky and Heavy Items

  • Bulky or heavy items such as school projects, desks, TVs, large musical instruments, etc. will only be transported with driver discretion. 

  • Our drivers are not able to assist with loading or unloading the objects from the vehicle.


  • Wheelchairs must be in good working condition. For safety purposes, wheelchair passengers must be secured with seat belts and properly operating caliper locking devices. 

  • Oxygen tanks and/or other devices utilized on a wheelchair must be safely secured/attached to wheelchair.

  • We do not transport Broda/reclining wheelchairs as they are unsafe for transportation.


  • Smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles.

Emergency Transportation

  • We provide non-emergency transportation services. Passengers who are extremely ill, have a contagious disease, or are severely injured may not be transported. Call 911 for emergency transportation services.


  • We have a policy of avoiding backing whenever possible. This method allows the driver an opportunity to "stop and take notice" of safety issues.

Weather Emergencies

  • In case of severe weather, our executive director or other appointed representatives will use info from NDDOT, weather reports, and forecasts to determine if any closure is warranted. We usually follow the same schedule for closures as the City of Dickinson, Dickinson Schools, and other major businesses. Employees and customers will be notified as soon as possible by local radio and TV stations, as well as phone calls when possible.

  • We may have a limited staff available during inclement weather for Kidney Dialysis.


  • Firearms or weapons of any kind are not allowed on any of our vehicles.

Exiting Vehicles

  • Please have all personal items/belongings gathered a block before your stop and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting off. 

  • Step away from the bus and wait until it leaves before crossing the street. 

  • Never cross in front of the bus unless it's stopped at a red light.

Disruptive Passengers

  • Disruptive passengers will not be tolerated on our vehicles. 

  • Unruly behavior is unfair to other passengers and a distraction to the driver. In the event that a passenger is disruptive, the driver will request that the problem passenger cease the behavior immediately. 

  • Passengers who continue objectionable activity will be reported to the dispatcher (who may contact law enforcement officials) and be taken to the nearest public place and asked to leave the vehicle. 

  • At the discretion of management, disruptive behavior may result in denial of future service.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

  • Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and its related statutes and regulations, no person or groups of persons shall be, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subject to discrimination under any and all programs or activities funded in whole or in part with federal funds.

  • Contact Public Transit's Executive Director at 701-483-6564 to request additional information on our non-discrimination obligations or to file a complaint.